1. Remove chair/cot cover.

2. Locate the damaged shock cord and identify which poles it connects.

3. If the pole is only attached to a plastic end cap, see point A. If the pole is attached to a Rubber Foot as well, please see point B first, then A.

A. Unscrew the plastic endcap on one of the connected poles and pull it out until the shock cord is visible.

B. For an easier removal, put your rubber foot in a bowl of hot water for up to 7 minutes before trying to pull it off.


4. Cut the shock cord in two (skip this step if shock cord is already fully severed in two).

5. Pull out the knotted end of the shock cord from the plastic endcap and set it aside.

6. Remove the remaining shock cord from inside the poles and the connecting hub. Undo the knots for an easier removal.


7. Take your new shock cord and insert one of its ends through the pole(s).

8. Tie a knot at said end of the shock cord and push the knot inside of the plastic endcap.

9. Push the plastic endcap back into the pole.

10. Insert the other end of the shock cord in the connecting hub until it comes out the other side.

11. Repeat steps 6-9 for this end of the shock cord.